Choices, Consequence and Moral Codes – The Lovers, Justice & The Hierophant

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I have discovered on a personal level that I have ingrained codes of what affects my conscience. It’s funny how we don’t realise the potential effect our actions can have on others until we are faced with a personal moral dilemma.

It’s interesting how The Lovers, Justice and The Hierophant can tell the story of choice between pure love and desire, the consequences of that choice and how far we are willing to go before our moral and ethical beliefs cause us to choose what we believe at our core essence and halt.

It makes us question how high or low we wish to demonstrate our value, and pushes us to draw back and truly understand a part of ourselves that we always believed we had, but never truly claimed ownership to.

There are times in our life where we do what’s right not because we want to, but because our higher self compels us. To battle against what we truly desire and have in reach, is a real test of our self value.

The Wheel shows us that what goes around comes around, we are never up for too long and never right down for too long. It shows us that what we put out, returns, and teaches us that what we are considering breaking our code for is never meant to be permanent anyway. Change and movement is inevitable. Pretending it isn’t is fooling ourselves and setting us up for The Tower.

To have these dilemmas of conscience brings us to a state of hanging – The Hanged Man and all that his meaning encompasses. We are suspended in a state of being almost frozen. Fear, pride, wanting – all these things bring us to a period of deep silent reflection. Uncomfortable reflection too.

Our world has been turned upside down and all we can do is retreat until we have the insight to accept what is and learn that the more we fight, the more fatigued we get.

There is an opportunity for surrender to our higher self. To come to a solitary conclusion in which we know that this period has taught us so much enables us to let go of what has put us in this position in the first place.

Of course personally I have faced moral choices before, but somehow the low value I placed on myself was a perfectly acceptable reason to ignore that caring, knowing voice of logic and heart. This always, always resulted in the Wheel turning abruptly, and the harsh side of Justice to come slamming down.

Usually this was by not only the personal shame that was felt in the long-term , but by the Law of Attraction making me harvest what I had sown.

To find out what it is like to care about oneself, and to truly believe that we deserve so much good is quite a new concept for those who never before have placed high value on their own existence.

To get used to having love for oneself and believe in being worthy is the key to loving others in a way that is pure and almost holy. The choices we face, the dualities of light and dark, cause and effect become clearly apparent to us.

This also means that anything that doesn’t align with the amazing gifts we as precious beings deserve in every aspect of our lives becomes blatantly obvious. With this high value, we know instinctively that the choice we must decide on is clear .

This personal growth, value of self and awareness does not mean it is by any means always easy to make the right choices for us. But it does give us the springboard to remain true to our authenticity. That is the road to inner peace. That is the solid seedling of true love. All of a sudden it makes sense – to love others we must first love ourselves.


The 10 of Swords and Growth

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There are times in our life that just suck… a lot. Usually things get really bad before they get better. I have no reasoning for this, it is just the way it is. That saying “it is always darkest before the dawn” is such a fitting saying for these times and for the 10 of Swords.

For some reason, we humans have to hit rock bottom to see a way out, or up. We have to feel the full force of the pain before we can heal. There is a contradictory beauty to being shattered – it gives us the tools to grow, learn and flourish. Sometimes that is the only way we can.

It is often through intense pain we begin to see and understand. It is the most unpleasant way to revelation, yet the most powerful and transforming way too.

It is not easy to find hope and strength when we are lying weak, broken and alone on the floor, it is not easy to pick oneself up. It is tempting to remain there and give up altogether. To just give in to the wounded and shattered feelings, and feed off our misery.

But as you are evolving and awakening to consciousness, you understand that there is sometimes grace through suffering.

By this I mean drawing on the self love you have, to compassionately see that whilst it feels like you have been wounded beyond repair, you are aware that this too shall pass, and you will be wiser, stronger and ready to face life, and the world with new eyes.

You are able to build your courage, determination and mind back up to wholeness. Knowing what you have learned and experienced.

That is one of the most precious gifts of all – the power of resilience and healing we as humans can naturally adopt. We are designed to gradually self heal from these moments.

Before this healing takes place we must come to terms with the ending and annihalation we are feeling. We must then have faith in the process.

The comfort that comes from this card is that the worst is over or soon will be.

While this ending can be so hard, more often than not it is the slam that can lead us to awakening for the first time. The universe acts for our highest good, regardless of how we see it.

As I reflect for a moment on the 10 of Swords times in life, it occurs to me that if I had never hit the ground, I’d have never seen the stars.

Aspire to a Higher Understanding in 5 Steps 


Thinking Tarot

The Tarot:

Aspire to a higher understanding in 5 Easy Steps

Intellectual Connection:

In the first step we acknowledge the things we know about the card already, such as the suit, elements, keywords, astrological association and numerology. By doing this first we are then able to leave what we already know behind and step further into the card, beyond the obvious.


In the second step we carefully examine all the symbolism in the card, from a tiny  twig, to an ancient language. We study these symbols and find out what each symbol means, to connect deeper to the spiritual meanings in the card.


In the third step we journey into the card, and feel the environment with our imagination such as the atmosphere, the weather, the colors, the smells, textures proportions and scenery. Imagine observing the figures in action, or having a conversation with them.


Step 4 requires us to focus on our feelings, the feelings the card invokes in us and how it speaks to us. Soak up what feelings the card triggers in you and go with these feelings.


Step 5 is about integrating the cards into our life everyday. Associate all around you with your cards and soon you will build a deep relationship not only with the tarot, but with the subconscious side of yourself. Thus developing a higher understanding. Remember to write these experiences down daily.

*Deck images taken from The Waite-Smith Tarot Deck. 

The 6 of Wands – Honour

Minor Arcana - Major Thoughts

A recent experience that affected me on a number of levels caused me to really self reflect.

I am grateful for the gift of the cards, as they never fail to show me how I can learn from any experiences that shake me up, and their insight provides me with objectivity.

The experience hit my confidence hard in a sense that it really put my intuition to the test, and highlighted my weak areas as a human trying to make sense of the people around me and their actions as well as my reactions.

When we take a blow that hurts us, we are often grappling for grounding, reason and direction. The way we move forward from these lessons is all about our attitude. This is hard when our actions have contributed to our hiccups, and I have come away from this period realising some remarkable things.

Feelings are impossible to deny. They are gifted to us for a reason, and sometimes we try hard to fight them. This may work briefly, but if we don’t bring them into the light and allow them space, we will not be free. Allowing space, and time for our feelings sucks – big time! Especially the uncomfortable ones. But the thing is, they do pass. That is most definitely an attitude to hold on to.

Other people. We seem to think or believe that we have some right to hold other people accountable for their actions. Well let me say that it is not our business, let alone right to bring people to accountability when they are not on the same page. This accountability must be their own realisation.

It is up to each of us alone to hold ourselves accountable. Allowing another to unknowingly or knowingly bring us down is not their load or burden. Even if we feel as though we have been hurt or treated in a way we don’t understand and gain that closure and resolution we want, it doesn’t often come. So why do we allow something we cannot control to change our self regard? It’s craziness. The hurt does fade, as soon as we learn to accept what we cannot change.

We have choices. That is our inherited gift from the universe. We can choose to allow actions and reactions to bring us down low, or we can have confidence in the person we are. That is a choice! As soon as we honour that choice and see that a few bad moments do not define us we can walk forward with integrity.

The what if’s, if only’s and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s only serve to keep us down! That’s no way to live.

Accepting our roles in situations and reflecting and learning gives us the option to learn more about our less self-honouring traits. When we are aware of them, we can work on them and grow into a better version of our amazing, yet far from perfect authentic selves.

Justice comes to all. That knowledge and truth is as old as human existence. Seeking to interfere with the natural order of choice/consequence untips the balance of the natural laws of repercussions for actions. Just let it go!

The 6 of Wands is a beautiful reminder to hold your head high, forgiving yourself for any miscalculations or human emotion charged actions that we may have contributed, without arrogance and self righteousness. We all topple off our figurative horse at times, but carrying ourselves with self respect, self worth and the attitude of being enough, that’s pretty cool.

Honour your journey. Learn from the mistakes. Let go. Release others from your space when they do not understand, respect or value the good parts of you. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and march forward. Be confident in who you are, knowing that despite your errors and hurts, you are the hero, the champion of your own story. ♡

The Sun – Intensity at it’s full strength.

Major Arcana, The Pondering Chair

The Sun – without it we would not survive. It is one of the keys or components that together with other necessary elements  sustains life on earth. There is nothing quite as comforting as holding your face towards a warm sun on a cold day. The smile of sunshine can lift spirits and hearts by simply being what it is. Radiant, warm, light giving beauty.

The sun is powerful – so much so that looking directly into it’s bright light without a filter can cause blindness. The sun can be dangerous. It can suck the life out of living organisms by simply beating down. It sucks out life force given the right conditions because that is the power of something so intense.

When we face the bright light of sunshine head on in a metaphorical sense, we can be so dazzled we fail to truly see clearly straight away. I have always felt intuitively with the tarot that too much energy from the Sun card can have a detrimental effect – and the clarity and truth and joy the card can bring can often be misread in terms of reality.

How can we filter the sun’s energy when it is blaring in our face? This is the question I have been pondering the last few days. The thoughts that have entered my ever expanding understanding of the cards in connection with making sense of life lead me to believe that we need protection at all times when we are looking at the Sun – in order to see clearly.

The positive that the Sun card brings is truth, perspective and a reminder of realigning our egos to live in harmony with our authenticity.

Yes – it is an extremely positive card. But as with all things in existence it has it’s own dualities. It has extremes.

As I reflect on the energy of the Sun card and come to terms with its stark light illuminating and potentially burning fragile aspects that cannot withstand the exposure for too long, I see truth and clarity coming to the fore. I am grateful for the beautiful yet often intense force of the Sun card. I am reminded that even when something seems so positive and bright – there is always a shadow side.

That is life. That is reality. Nothing is ever all good. Nor is it all bad. It is just what it is – a force to be respected – at all times.

Much love,

Tess ♡

The Essence of Integrity 

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The Ace of Swords, truth and integrity.. not always easy!
Some people cannot help but be honest, it is part of their make up. The essence of this honesty can be seen most beautifully in the Ace of Swords. It is the sword of truth and clarity.

Honesty and truth in theory should mean that life is much more pleasant, but in reality honesty and truth leaves space for hurt. The saying “the truth hurts” has a totally relevant yet different meaning in context of how one lives their life.

Other less evolved beings are attracted to those who live their  truth and honesty. Why would you not be? Not all that are drawn to the Ace of Swords are worthy, but that integrity and beauty of the essence of the Ace of Swords that glistens in the light also means that sometimes we forget that truth in another does not always come so naturally. This creates hurt when the Ace is exposed to deceit.

Aces are beautiful yet fragile. So delicate in their purity that they are easily destroyed. It is very much a two edged sword in this context also – yet of all the Aces, the Sword is the only one that is armed, ready to honour this truth.

Even when the hurt is strong, and we are tempted to change our outlook and bury that essence forever, somehow it’s not possible – perhaps it is because integrity is more valuable to us than being vulnerable.

To live a life that has meaning, to be a human that is shining and sharp means that at times, especially when defences are down, there will be pain. Life is full of pain as we know – yet we have the Sword of truth, integrity and clarity as our weapon when needed  to realise that without these qualities life would be worth nothing – it would all be a lie.

Remaining true to the essence of the Sword not only means we are hard on ourselves when we slip up by dropping our defences – but also gives comfort to us in those moments we are hurt by those who cannot handle this rare beauty and try and manipulate or take advantage of that honesty and innocence.

Always remind yourself, if you hold the Sword, that strength comes with wisdom. Move forward beyond those not evolved enough to face their own truths let alone yours, and feel the magic of integrity.  

Stay focused on the fact that while truth sometimes hurts, your soul remains clean – and that your truth and honesty is a virtue that many claim, but few rarely have. It takes a lot of soul searching to continue that lonely journey!

Truth,and integrity is the most attractive quality in this day and age – and a gift that is rare.

The Lovers. The Divine Connection 


Opportunities arise all the time to establish bonds and relationships with other humans. This is how we make friends, lovers, partners and associates.

For myself personally , the last few years has presented numerous opportunities to form romantic partnerships or relationships.

I have been on earth for a few decades and then some, so experience becomes less of a bitter sting and more of a teacher – and I have held out because there was always something missing.

Now 5, 10 even 20 years ago I lived in the world of fairytales and the Frog turns into a Prince. One divorce and one serious yet turbulent and scarring relationship later, I discovered that I had choices, and being with Mr Not-Quite- Right, but that’s as good as I’m going to get, was basically letting myself down and being dishonest to the other party.

Having realised that if something was not as amazing as it should be – no amount of pretending it doesn’t matter will change the inevitable culmination of sorrow and loneliness that comes down the track. If it wasn’t right on every level, then it wasn’t worth the risk.

The Lovers card can symbolically be a connection beyond earthly explanation with another human, some of us might have truly doubted that we would feel that in this lifetime and accept that wholly. Love and bliss are not necessarily intertwined, and we can love a person to any degree. 

However, connecting and merging with another in the sense of heaven and earth just meant to be, worthy of giving in to all your fears is beyond that – it reaches your soul and ignites every fibre in your being.

If we settle for one of those opportunities that on the surface appears perfectly suitable ‘but…’, then we are going to prolong meeting or maybe even miss that all encompassing soul and mind connection that comes along so rarely in a lifetime.

This is the Lovers card in one of its contrasting and contradictory contexts. To choose what can only be sent from the universe, or go with what what makes sense. We cannot explain the things that are beyond our realm, and sometimes we come across something or someone that vibrates energy that matches ours, sparks fly and the invitation to walk the journey  cannot be ignored.

This definitely does not mean we are not petrified! Scars and injuries leave lasting marks that take tenderness and compassion to navigate. It takes courage to follow the feelings and magnetic pull. There is no guarantee of where the road will lead, and the lessons may still be on their way – but when you decide to listen, and to feel and most importantly to believe – despite the terror beating in the back of your heart – you are conquering another demon! That is brave. That is growth.

As the divine connections that feel so rare and so right pull you, will you make the choice, trust and take the leap? Or will you forever wonder in regret?

That is something to think about!!