Aspire to a Higher Understanding in 5 Steps 


Thinking Tarot

The Tarot:

Aspire to a higher understanding in 5 Easy Steps

Intellectual Connection:

In the first step we acknowledge the things we know about the card already, such as the suit, elements, keywords, astrological association and numerology. By doing this first we are then able to leave what we already know behind and step further into the card, beyond the obvious.


In the second step we carefully examine all the symbolism in the card, from a tiny  twig, to an ancient language. We study these symbols and find out what each symbol means, to connect deeper to the spiritual meanings in the card.


In the third step we journey into the card, and feel the environment with our imagination such as the atmosphere, the weather, the colors, the smells, textures proportions and scenery. Imagine observing the figures in action, or having a conversation with them.


Step 4 requires us to focus on our feelings, the feelings the card invokes in us and how it speaks to us. Soak up what feelings the card triggers in you and go with these feelings.


Step 5 is about integrating the cards into our life everyday. Associate all around you with your cards and soon you will build a deep relationship not only with the tarot, but with the subconscious side of yourself. Thus developing a higher understanding. Remember to write these experiences down daily.

*Deck images taken from The Waite-Smith Tarot Deck. 


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