The Sun – Intensity at it’s full strength.

Major Arcana, The Pondering Chair

The Sun – without it we would not survive. It is one of the keys or components that together with other necessary elements  sustains life on earth. There is nothing quite as comforting as holding your face towards a warm sun on a cold day. The smile of sunshine can lift spirits and hearts by simply being what it is. Radiant, warm, light giving beauty.

The sun is powerful – so much so that looking directly into it’s bright light without a filter can cause blindness. The sun can be dangerous. It can suck the life out of living organisms by simply beating down. It sucks out life force given the right conditions because that is the power of something so intense.

When we face the bright light of sunshine head on in a metaphorical sense, we can be so dazzled we fail to truly see clearly straight away. I have always felt intuitively with the tarot that too much energy from the Sun card can have a detrimental effect – and the clarity and truth and joy the card can bring can often be misread in terms of reality.

How can we filter the sun’s energy when it is blaring in our face? This is the question I have been pondering the last few days. The thoughts that have entered my ever expanding understanding of the cards in connection with making sense of life lead me to believe that we need protection at all times when we are looking at the Sun – in order to see clearly.

The positive that the Sun card brings is truth, perspective and a reminder of realigning our egos to live in harmony with our authenticity.

Yes – it is an extremely positive card. But as with all things in existence it has it’s own dualities. It has extremes.

As I reflect on the energy of the Sun card and come to terms with its stark light illuminating and potentially burning fragile aspects that cannot withstand the exposure for too long, I see truth and clarity coming to the fore. I am grateful for the beautiful yet often intense force of the Sun card. I am reminded that even when something seems so positive and bright – there is always a shadow side.

That is life. That is reality. Nothing is ever all good. Nor is it all bad. It is just what it is – a force to be respected – at all times.

Much love,

Tess ♡


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