The Lovers. The Divine Connection 


Opportunities arise all the time to establish bonds and relationships with other humans. This is how we make friends, lovers, partners and associates.

For myself personally , the last few years has presented numerous opportunities to form romantic partnerships or relationships.

I have been on earth for a few decades and then some, so experience becomes less of a bitter sting and more of a teacher – and I have held out because there was always something missing.

Now 5, 10 even 20 years ago I lived in the world of fairytales and the Frog turns into a Prince. One divorce and one serious yet turbulent and scarring relationship later, I discovered that I had choices, and being with Mr Not-Quite- Right, but that’s as good as I’m going to get, was basically letting myself down and being dishonest to the other party.

Having realised that if something was not as amazing as it should be – no amount of pretending it doesn’t matter will change the inevitable culmination of sorrow and loneliness that comes down the track. If it wasn’t right on every level, then it wasn’t worth the risk.

The Lovers card can symbolically be a connection beyond earthly explanation with another human, some of us might have truly doubted that we would feel that in this lifetime and accept that wholly. Love and bliss are not necessarily intertwined, and we can love a person to any degree. 

However, connecting and merging with another in the sense of heaven and earth just meant to be, worthy of giving in to all your fears is beyond that – it reaches your soul and ignites every fibre in your being.

If we settle for one of those opportunities that on the surface appears perfectly suitable ‘but…’, then we are going to prolong meeting or maybe even miss that all encompassing soul and mind connection that comes along so rarely in a lifetime.

This is the Lovers card in one of its contrasting and contradictory contexts. To choose what can only be sent from the universe, or go with what what makes sense. We cannot explain the things that are beyond our realm, and sometimes we come across something or someone that vibrates energy that matches ours, sparks fly and the invitation to walk the journey  cannot be ignored.

This definitely does not mean we are not petrified! Scars and injuries leave lasting marks that take tenderness and compassion to navigate. It takes courage to follow the feelings and magnetic pull. There is no guarantee of where the road will lead, and the lessons may still be on their way – but when you decide to listen, and to feel and most importantly to believe – despite the terror beating in the back of your heart – you are conquering another demon! That is brave. That is growth.

As the divine connections that feel so rare and so right pull you, will you make the choice, trust and take the leap? Or will you forever wonder in regret?

That is something to think about!!


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