The 10 of Cups – Happy Ever After. 

Minor Arcana - Major Thoughts, The Pondering Chair

I have been wondering about this 10 of Cups. In the reality of the world we live in, is this image even attainable in a permanent way? I don’t think it is in the way we as humans think so. We chase after it, boy do we chase after it! I’ve always looked at some of the depictions and thought wow, that’s a bit dreamy and perfect, I want that. But of course it never pans out. At least not in the way I imagine it. And therein lies the problem. We, as imperfect, changeable beings, living in an imperfect world, with all the other imperfect changeable beings want perfection. 
It is kind of destined for a few hiccups before we even begin, yet we still hold fast to the storybook ending. We don’t realise that an ending is in fact the end. Over. But, if we are blessed enough to be given the gift of continuing our life’s journey we can  realise that happily ever after is really a state of heart and mind and not that elusive picture of perfection. It is not happiness we need, it is inner peace. 
I have been pondering further what brings inner peace. 
1. Gratitude. A grateful heart. We can have everything in the world and still want more, or we can have very little and feel like the most blessed person on earth. It comes down to our perspective. 
2. Compassion. It is so easy to judge others, especially when we feel self righteous or better morally or socially. We might think our choices and decisions are smarter, wiser, more thoughtful. Perhaps we feel we do more and give more, our children are better behaved and so on. When we judge others and measure them against ourselves and vice versa we lack compassion. Without it, how can we truly find peace and happiness? 
3.  Forgiveness. Each of us has the power, and the ability to hurt each other through our words, actions, deeds and sometimes inconsiderate behavior, even at times without realising it. And each of us can not say we haven’t at some stage done this. Holding on to anger, hate, disappointment and negative feelings and thoughts cannot provide our soul and heart with a positive environment to flourish and be light. Working hard to release old wounds can do much to help us in finding lasting peace and happiness. 

4. Love! Love of the earth, love of others, and self love. Self love is a hard one. A really hard one! I truly believe that without working on this part, we won’t ever find lasting contentment. We can be very cruel to ourselves, more cruel than we realise. To accept that we are authentic, and valuable. To realise that our own voices, hearts and minds matter and we are worthy is another key to finding true and lasting happiness. 
There are many other aspects to finding a happy ever after that is real and lasting. We think more often than not that it is an external ideal of something we have pictured or planned. Once we can get past the idealised happy scene – the one that is just a moment in time – and discover that happiness and more importantly inner peace comes from our own essence, we can actually find it and keep it with us.  
So there is more for me to the 10 of Cups than just a few moments of happiness now when I see it in passing. I just love how the cards inspire me to ponder on more than just the moment of the reading. I’m very grateful for that. 🙂 I learn so much. XX


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