The World – nearing completion. 

Consciousness, Major Arcana, Tarot Thoughts, The Pondering Chair

The final card in the Major arcana or so it is often said. I suppose looking from the perspective of enlightenment or a storytelling kind of view then yes, it kind of fits well. But we aren’t generally living life in sequence of the cards assigned numerical order, and completion is a tall order for any of us. There is usually more finality in the Death Card or The Tower. The World card brings us to the peak – the culmination, blending all of what is good together. But this is temporary, much like anything else we experience. 
How do we know that the Fool in card zero is not the result of The World. After all, he is at the peak of a cliff, is he setting off? Or has he arrived? Round and round. Or is it on and on until we are but dust? 

The World card is where we are ready to begin again. Drawing from all our experiences, an opportunity to start fresh in a way. Let what is gone go and embrace what is coming. This leads me to reflect on what is so special about the distant memories many hold on to. I find these days that I don’t enjoy musing too long on what has been. It doesn’t serve me. It does not enhance my present moment. I realise more and more that all we truly have that is precious is this moment we are living in right now. 
I don’t find that looking forward too far is useful either. It takes so much away from this time of now.  Each journey is what it is. When I am at the final position thinking “yes! I made it, here I am!!”, it soon becomes clear that the adventures of this lifetime, perils and all begin anew, or maybe just continue like the next chapter in a saga.
I was reading something as usual that fits in well with my thoughts. It was a summary of the I-ching hexagram 64, ‘Nearing Completion”, The final hexagram in the Book of Changes. This summary spoke of nearing the peak, the effort it has taken with that goal in sight,only to finally see that you still have to descend down the other side. I loved that description. Life is very much like that. We are never quite where we imagine we should be to be happy completely and permanently.
We allow our spirit to be so eaten up by things that drain us. Thinking it will be over soon if only this or when such and such. I don’t want my precious moments to be filled with anxiety and stress over poverty, physical ailments and self pity. Perhaps using those emotions to motivate me to help others and give more is better than bemoaning my own lack and self absorbed issues. 
The World in a literal sense is something so much bigger than the self.  Perhaps sometimes by the time we reach that part of our journey we see that it’s not just about us, or our tiny little self created ‘world’.
The essence of spirituality is about caring for others, human, animal, earth, sky.. you get what I mean. It’s universal love and compassion. It’s not easy, especially when we believe we have always given. Or even that we have nothing to give. We can be very judgmental and selective without even realising it. Or we can look at ourselves and think we are so lovely. We might be, but then again we may only be in certain circumstances or in certain circles. Sometimes our motives have not been understood wholly by ourselves or entirely truthful. It’s possible. 
The ability to reflect on who we are, in every way, how we think, what our ego voice says – and do it in a brutally honest way too, that’s harsh. Yet it’s part of maturing and adjusting in line with who we authentically want to be and are meant to be. That might be part of this peak moment. Who knows. 


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