Judgment – Cause & Effect

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Cause and effect. The story of our life. A morning layout of cards synchronised with a book I’ve started reading in the rather roundabout but usual way that these things occur.
It was a connection between where I was and where I am and why, and how I can get past the repercussions of this cause and effect in a way.

Judgment was the final card in the layout, one of those big impact cards that can really shift our mindset and perspective in many ways. It is the card that reminds me to always take stock of things and be truly honest with myself for the highest good of all concerned.

We can fool ourselves and our egos, easy peasy, but our inner self, the real us – never!

There is often an inner conflict or turmoil prior to self cleansing and purifying. A battle between how we feel we got here and how things came about, and the honest side of knowing that our own choices led us to where we are and what resulted. The consequences can affect us for an extraordinarily long time. This is assessing the cause and effect.

It’s come to light in pondering and spending a while with Judgment that healing and rising cannot take full flight until we have come to terms with, and accepted this actuality for what it is, beyond the details and intricacies. Perhaps acceptance of what and where and how and why is the final key to moving forward into resurrection?

The petty conflict that rages within ourselves wastes hours and days. The battling eats up our joy and sparkle. It has no purpose but to feed our ravenous egos and fuel our bitterness.

Perhaps, in reality, we are where we are because we decided to do such and such, followed by such and such. Before we could blink those choices led us to make more choices and more choices. Every action has its reaction. This is judgment. Facing up to what is and looking it in the eye.

We cannot hide from what is. We can fool ourselves and pretend. That is where we get stuck in the cycle of never healing and growing. Until we accept cause and effect, for whatever is eating away at our spirit, we will not rise and be reborn. Our purpose will remain hidden, our path blocked, our spirit heavy. Nothing will heal and nothing will grow.

Just some thoughts. Much love, Tess x


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