The Lovers! Sigh….. February Tarot Rebels Blog Hop. 

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This month our Tarot Rebels blog hop focuses on the Lovers card. I re-entered the dating world late last year after being single for over 2 years and found this card turn up for myself in my own readings frequently. It gave me reason to look at it in a different way, and see how much it centred on choices and consequences. 

When I was young, falling in love was so easy and natural. It seemed to be beyond my understanding and control. There was person a and b, they met and sparks flew and boom… in love! 
As I get older, and I’ve had my share of heartbreak and bad choices I have become much more curious and cautious about this age old phenomenon that is the subject of stories, myths, songs, fairy tales and sorrow and joy. 
I’ve discovered that love and lust are so very close, a fine line and a hard one to see. I realise now that truly to love someone is in fact a big decision! One that can be clouded by the intoxicating fumes of pheromones and sexual desire.
The Lovers card, such a romantic depiction in some tarot decks can be very deceiving to say the least! Layers of meaning and symbolic representation can sometimes get lost behind the scene of bliss. It represents love in all it’s forms, but  this pondering focuses on romantic love.
Even where the Lovers sit numerically in the order of the Tarot can guide us.The number six in numerology indicates harmony, union, love, linking above and below, reconciliation, intellectual creativity, discrimination, imagination, perfection, combining intellect and imagination, relatedness, and  taking responsibility for choices. These insights show us that the Lovers card is so much more than what meets the eye.

Often we get so swept away with the idea of being in love, or so smitten with the apple of our eye we don’t think of the practicalities and realities. The Lovers card tells us how beautiful love is, but it also reminds us, ever so subtly that our journey will go on after we make our decision.

Once the lust and passion fades a little, reality sets in and this is where the make or break comes in. To have looked at the bigger picture through the fuzzy rosy glasses, (or even before it gets to that point) is always a good way to use that intellect and imagination to see if this person clashes with our core values, if their path is heading a similar way to ours or if it’s just a lovely moment of passion and fun. Is this union truly blessed, or are we seeing what we want to see because it feels good? 

The consequences of our choices are huge. “Love” is the most precious part of our existence. It comes in so many forms, and is expressed in varying degrees. It is joy that can ultimately bring pain, yet we still love despite this.
When we reflect on the core essence of the card, it comes down to a major life moment and one where it’s not easy – reality and anything worthy never is! 

To love another is beautiful. To share life with another is one of the treasures of being human. At the end of the day though we are still unique and our journey still belongs to us alone, just as each human has their own authenticity and journey. 

Some are blessed to make the right choice only once and live and love and share with that partner until death. Others have had to learn that fairytales are not real and the frog doesn’t magically change even though we wish it and try and hope! 🙂 The choice we make has a huge impact as we continue on our journey, and that is something we never think about!

The Lovers card can remind us that we must choose carefully to love another, but we must also love ourselves and stay true to our purpose. We have the gift of choice, of freedom and of liberty. If we are smart enough to use all our gifts wisely then our love will truly be blessed.


9 thoughts on “The Lovers! Sigh….. February Tarot Rebels Blog Hop. 

  1. Beautiful piece. This really made me smile – at a number nearer 50 than 45 I found my Lovers card – it took Devils and Towers and Fools to get here and now – a lot of the time, there’s a lot of Sun, the odd bit of Moon now and again, but Temperance sorts that out, and there’s always the Star no matter what xxxx

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  2. Love is many faceted and so why not have many facets to this card which represents it? I agree with you that taking on the decision of love (in so far as we can actually decide such a thing, sometimes our heart and nether regions go along without the brain!) is a big responsibility! It opens us up to being vulnerable, and perhaps that is the lesson The Lovers seek to teach us.

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