A Seed of Possibility 

Major Arcana, Tarot Thoughts, The Pondering Chair

One of the hardest challenges in our lives is trusting in the journey. We design these neat little compartments that we will fit into… and when we don’t actually fit we panic.  

I recently had 2 very powerful dreams that spoke to me deeply. They seemed to connect to each other in a bizarre manner. Both resonating strongly with Trump 0, the Fool. 
We each are in essence a seed of force and potential in our own little world. A tiny little world that through our own eyes is infinite. We limit ourselves so very much by how we pressure ourselves to achieve a certain normality in our goals to fit in to our preconceived ideals. 
I recall in my second dream in which I was a male, trying to enter a lift that would take me down to another level of a building how I couldn’t fit into the compartment.. and kept pulling out the little white dividers that neatly separated the spaces in the elevator- almost frantically! So desperate to fit. 
Why in our efforts to conform do we allow ourselves to shrink? What is so important that we struggle to fit in? If our destination is different to what we had planned is that such a horrible prospect?

Pondering the truth that we cannot control much at all, let alone where we are going, perhaps embracing the magic of possibility and the unknown is not such a bad thing.

Of course we will have trips and falls and scrapes and even broken bones and hearts at times. I say it so flippantly but mean it with great passion and truth. Fear is what keeps us so determined to fit in our little space so doggedly I think. And ego too. 
There is no failure in the things life throws at us. There is no failure in learning and growing and changing course. I think the failure lies in trying to fit into something that isn’t right for us anymore.  
When my dreams told me that I was just a little seed of possibility, I felt quite disappointed at first. But as I pondered and reflected on just what that meant I suddenly realised that after all these years of trying to be the person I’d always planned, living the life I’d always dreamed – normality and average- and never quite making it there – it hit me that I’m far more blessed being a seed of possibility. 
So wherever the journey takes me I will embrace the twists and turns with self love, love for others and gratitude. Not everyone  realises that they hsve received this gift that has been offered to me.. or to you.. for we are ALL seeds of possibility!  So as we journey together let’s make it a beautiful adventure in growth, learning, loving and living. 
Much love,

Tess x


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