Pretty misleading title huh? You might think this little foray into the tarot is about the World card, but alas, it is not. Today it is about completion of another sort. The culmination of all that passion, feeling, ambition and drive of the fiery suit of wands. That sparkle, that hope, all becoming a burden.


Today as I sat down on my rickety old pondering chair looking out at the overcast Australian spring morning over my morning coffee, I pondered the weight of the 10 of Wands that has been my main card the last month or so. It was not till I sat down this morning did I truly connect deeply with this card that has plagued my readings. Naturally I understood that things were pretty hard going for me and in fact many of us right now, but I suppose I just didn’t quite get the heart of the message the tarot, and indeed the universe was sending me.


Sirian Starseed Tarot

I contrasted the 10 of wands against that other familiar friend, the 10 of Swords. Two cards of finality and discomfort, yet both a message to us saying that the only way forward now is to either get up or adjust something . And right now adjusting is what needs to be done. A dear friend recently told me that these are my wands, my burden to carry, and yes, indeed they are.

How did I get to this place? I think that is not relevant to now. Part of the problem with the burdens we carry is that we refuse to put anything down when it is no longer useful. We are afraid to let it go. So we lug it around. And the next big bundle comes and we carry that, and then the next, and the next and so on.

We continue to be lumbered, refusing to put anything away, in it’s proper place and time. We don’t deal with things as they come. Things have a way of catching up with us when we are least able to cope. Of course it strengthens us, but it is also an unnecessary and difficult process we could probably have avoided in the first place if we did not avoid dealing with the minor details in the first place. Bit of a self created pickle really. Yes, there are some things that we are loaded up with beyond our control, and these are the situations if, we had only dealt with the minor details, we would have more energy and drive to handle.


10 of Wands Waite-Smith

The nice thing about the 10’s in the tarot is that they not only represents the ending of a cycle, but the chance to start anew. If we want to get off the current cycle of course. No, it isn’t as simple as saying “okay, I think I’ve had enough now, let me off”. But to begin the movement, it  is as simple as acknowledging the weariness, the overload, and seeing what we can change, even sometimes just acknowledging  that things have become a bit hard to manage.

Denial and hiding in our woe is me can keep us carrying the load until we break, and then we end up in a major situation. “Nothing is permanent, not even our troubles” comes to mind. I believe that is a Chaplain quote.

As I feel deeply the image in the 10 of Wands, it is clear they need to be set down and sorted out. What do we keep, what is important, what is not. Where am I? Where do I want to go? How do I begin the journey again – this time with some useful wisdom from experience? There  is passion, drive, laughter, joy and energy in there somewhere. Reaching the final climax of a long and arduous year, I am thankful that this gift has come. Bring back the sparkle I say!

Much love,

Tess x


Carrying the weight of the world…

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