The Knight of Cups – Questing (A shadow side view)

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Sometimes when I turn over the Knight of Cups, I see a figure on a never ending quest to fill his cup; a cup which has a magical bottom in which the contents never come up more than half way, no matter how much liquid goes into it. Or perhaps he is searching for a magic potion that will make his life ideal – just like he has visualized in his imagination.


Mythic Tarot - Knight of Cups

He spends his life travelling, from adventure to adventure, always searching for the magic elixir that will finally fill that golden cup or quench his thirst.

He is the archetypal knight of romantic dreams and fantasies; living in a world of fantasy, high ideals and quests of the heart.

Nothing is ever enough. He is always searching for bigger, better, more fulfilling. Yet he is oblivious to this. He does not see that he is never in one situation long enough to let the bottomless cup have a chance.

When he does arrive at a destination, and is ready to fulfill his quest, he discovers that it is not exactly the perfect ideal situation he imagined. Perhaps for a little while maybe. Once the novelty has worn off, and the heady romance of it all has settled, our Knight is left feeling wanting. The elixir is not as refreshing. And so the questing begins again.


Tarot Illuminati - Knight of Cups

Sometimes I think, when I ponder over this card, that if he hopped off the horse, and set the cup down in a safe place for a while, and looked at his life and what he tries to fill his cup with, he might just realise why that need to continually quest for the perfect elixir seems so elusive.

So often in our life we live in the premise of what will happen next. We fantasize about how things will be, how it will pan out, and how we will feel; only to find out that the reality is far from our idealism.

Searching from dream to dream, looking for fulfillment and romanticising everything is nice, but it leads to disappointment. I often bang on about living in the present moment, and when I think of my Knight on his perpetual quest for love and perfection, it reminds me of forgetting to be present.

There comes a point where we must rest our horse, reflect over what we are doing, and why. Look at the bigger picture perhaps. We get so wrapped up in our dreams and fantasies of how it should be, or perhaps thinking in terms of always ‘one day’ that we forget about today. We forget that while we are chasing dreams and hopes we are forfeiting what we have.  This moment, this life right now, is our life.


Wizard's Tarot - Knight of Cups

Always dream, always hope. But don’t hope and wish your life away trying to fill the magic cup. Look around you right now. Look inside you. Treasure what you have now. Just be. The future will be here in the blink of an eye.

I look upon my beautiful golden cup. It is not always full. Yet it is always beautiful.

Posted With love & joy to you always, Tess


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