Authenticity and Intuition

Tarot Thoughts


Authenticity. An interesting word and an interesting concept. Many of us fool ourselves into believing we live our life authentically and claim to be individual, but if we took time out to reflect, how authentic are we truly?

Even as a tarot reader, something that is not necessarily mainstream, we can still be caught up in emulating and following the ‘tarot’ crowd.

We join groups, worship prominent figures in the community and take their teaching as gospel. How many of us go further and look into what we hear and learn through these outlets and challenge them within our own concept of understanding to make them authentically our own, or even find they don’t quite fit and move on?

Just because it is said, does not make it so. Each thing we hear is someone else’s thoughts and understanding.
Perhaps it is easier to accept what we learn if it makes sense. It works and is effective. Yet how can we truly come from a place of authenticity if we do not dare to branch out and use what we have within to come to a personal understanding that is derived from a place that is authentic and ours alone?

The guidance available from mentors, teachers and prominent figures is indeed a gift and a blessing. So too is the gift of being original and truly authentic. In order to do this we must not be afraid to utilise our ability to go further.

What many of us underestimate, is the role of our intuition in teaching and guiding us. It is a little like a home tutor, in that it guides us and shows us answers and lessons to many questions. It instinctively knows where to go, what to do, how to feel, react and so on. Our intuition will tell us, without a doubt – if only we were to listen to it with all our senses properly.

Intuition is perception beyond our physical senses, designed to assist us. It operates independently from our basic five senses, in other words it does not need information from outside to work.


Our intuition serves several purposes, including our inspiration and creativity. It has even been said that it is as vital to our wellbeing as” clean air and sunshine “. ☆

In the instance of this article, by drawing on our higher self to lead us to an authentic understanding and expression of say, the Tarot; we can be certain we are on the right path – the authentic path – for us. Uniquely and individually.

If we are led to the place where it is a common understanding by others also, we can be certain we arrived at that understanding authentically, and not just because it is the accepted place to be.

Whatever it is in life we are doing, or being, never be afraid to do it or be it; or in fact live it from a place of authenticity. Yes, we are all connected. We are here to help one another and be a family of human beings.
But we are also individual and intelligent. What you see, think and feel is just as valid as what anyone else sees,.thinks and feels.

Living authentically is so life fits you just right. You only have one life at this moment. Make it amazingly yours!


Posted With love & joy to you always, Tess


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