The Star – A tiny speck.

Major Arcana, The Pondering Chair

Gilded Tarot - The Star

Flicking through the Little White Book for a new deck I acquired, (the booklet had been sitting in the pocket of my dressing gown forgotten) I stopped a while at the Star. As with most LWB’s the info is very very brief and lacking detail. Anyhoo, the definitions for the Star were very different to how I personally view the card.

As I mulled over this, I thought about the Star and what it means currently to me. I found myself alone in the dark, apart from a sky lit up subtly by an assortment of different sized stars. More than I could even begin to count, stretching way up beyond my human field of sight.

Suddenly I realise in that moment how tiny and ridiculous my woes are in comparison. My existence is but a microscopic part in the grand scheme. In the dark, lonely night, one of the Universe’s most beautiful visions a human can experience is right there. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

I think back to the Tower, which precedes the Star. That place where my  whole personal world existed. The walls built around the self. I pondered over the way that we might structure the world, our world, to revolve around ourselves. The way we encapsulate the self and all that means anything at all to it.


Radiant Rider-Waite - The Tower

Hopes,  dreams,  beliefs,  desires,  rules – all me me me invested in that Tower. Blocking out fears, demons, threatening truths – anything that does not fit neatly into that beautiful Tower gets left out.

Now I’m no builder, and although the Tower looked very pretty, it was very poorly built! What I forgot to check was the sub surface. What was underneath the top layer used to build on? Details, details. No time for that!  It’s all in the aesthetic and how good it feels isn’t it?

Well you know what happens when there’s a bit of a rumble in the earth or the heavens display their might. Kaput! And there we are left in the dark and the rubble, broken and miserable. Wallowing in the truth of  dodgy building skills. No human construction built on ego and delusion could ever stand up to the power of the Universe when it senses it is time for us to wake up!

So, after a while licking the wounds of damaged ego and hiding our head in our hands in shock and self loathing; there comes a time where we have to think about lifting up our head. So we do. And up above is this amazing display of these amazing twinkling stars


Thoth Egyptian Tarot - The Star

Often we hear the term hope with the Star. Hope is not exactly what I feel when I look up. I feel a need to cleanse myself. A need to wash off all the dirt and dust and tears. A need to be more aware of this greater than self concept. That is when I notice the woman in the distance – my eyes are adjusting to the darkness, and the millions of tiny candle like twinkles in the sky give a faint glow to the environment. She is naked. Just as I am now with all my layers of protection against the truth stripped away. Yet it seems so natural for her to be that way.

I watch with curiosity as she kneels by the water’s edge. She is pouring water from 2 jug like vessels. One onto the Earth. One into the water source. Like a cleansing ritual. It is a strange thing to watch, yet you know that it is sacred and meaningful. She is the keeper of the waters of life in my eyes at this moment.

The water falling on to the earth splits into 5 little separate streams, I cannot see where they all lead to, but one stream trickles back into the river.  This too must be symbolic. But of what? To me it is a reminder that no matter what route life takes, it comes from and returns to the big river. Again a reminder that we are but a small part of something much much bigger. The 5 little puddly streams being created by the jug in her hand reminding me also that there is something more beyond our basic senses.

There is much I have been missing in my Tower.


Radiant Rider-Waite - The Star

I feel I must partake in this cleansing, in order to feel less anxious about my journey. I do not know where I am going next, nor can I be certain of what lies ahead. I do know that I am a miniscule speck in a massive universe. Yet the universe provides for me, and has a place for me, no matter what.

I realise that the magnitude of the Star and it’s impact on showing me the vastness of the universe and the beauty reminds me of how loved I truly am, despite my tiny existence.  I feel gratitude for the experience and the cleansing I will go through.

So as I begin the cleansing beneath the flickering stars, I understand that I had to fall, in order to understand where I fit in. The world does not revolve around me. The world itself is but a small part of the infinite.  I am a teensy part of the earth, and an even tinier part of something much much greater. For this I am blessed, for this I am truly grateful.

My pondering resulted in the already known conclusion that for each of us the cards tell a different story. The images paint a different picture. There is no right or wrong. It is all in the eye of the beholder, the perception of the thinker and the heart of the higher self. That is pretty cool I think!


Posted With love & joy to you always, Tess


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