The 8 of Pentacles – A little pondering on enjoying the process.

Minor Arcana - Major Thoughts, The Pondering Chair

If we were to turn the number 8 sideways, it looks like the ‘infinity’ symbol, known as the lemniscate. A random way to start a pondering, yet it jumped out at me today when I was connecting with the 8 of Pentacles.


When we are young, we plan our path, acquire the skills we need and off we go. In theory it sounds very straightforward. Reality of course, always gets in the way!

Now, back to my 8. When I think of the meander through life, we are always,  always mastering new skills and building on our existing skills.

The perfecting of a craft is a never ending process. Particularly when perfection is quite a big goal. One that may at times even be impossible! It requires commitment, dedication and perseverance.

I’m about to head back to school, to learn a whole new craft. As I look at the image here, what strikes me is the contentment and diligence our little friend displays. Wrapped up in concentration on his task, he seems quite at ease with his work.


The 8 of Pentacles - Baroque Bohemian Cat Tarot

This led me to be reminded how we are always in such a rush to do something, be something; success, status, wealth. How much nicer and more enjoyable life is if we take pleasure in the learning, enjoy the refining and focus wholly on living in the process.

Mastering a skill or becoming adept is the byproduct of this patience, practice, focus and diligence. We are always so eager to figuratively get somewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to love being exactly where we are and ease the pressure on our target of where we want to be?


8 of Pentacles - Robin Wood Tarot

On this journey in a life of infinite possibility and never ending learning – let’s enjoy the process, and view the result as a byproduct of the pleasure in the process.


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