Death in the Tarot – Answering our Calling

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Death 13 - Tarot Illuminati

Today I chose to meditate on a card that can assist us in answering our calling. So often we spend our life putting off what we are pulled to do for various reasons. These might include raising a family, getting enough money, waiting for the ‘right’ time or any other reason we can think of. In truth, the reasons we use are excuses based on fear.

Fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of doubt, fear of judgment and so on. This fear comes from our ego. The card that was drawn today was Death, number 13. How can this image and this concept connect with answering our calling?

I’ve always welcomed this card. For me it shows that finality of something and a liberation that comes. If we think of the concept of death in symbolic terms, when something dies, it is no more. It has served it’s purpose and now it is time to mourn what was, but more importantly have hope of new and brighter.

In order to answer our calling, something must be let go of – perhaps the ego attitude of the fears and excuses. Letting the old way of life and thinking die, in order to allow room for new birth and growth.

Just as we come from nothing and go back to nothing, so too can our fears. Let them go. The time has come for the new to replace the old and worn out.

Fear is but an illusion of what has not happened. If we can understand and accept that endings are a natural part of the cycle of life, and face the truth that in order to begin a new way of life the old one must die, we can embrace the knowledge that  answering our calling involves a symbolic death.

It involves letting go of the fears our ego retains. It involves burying the excuses. Burying the fear of judgment. Burying the what ifs and yes buts. In order to answer our calling we must accept the sacrifice of our ego and all it does to hold us in our illusionary safe zones.   Allow it to be replaced by a higher purpose from the spirit within.

The sunrise in the distance is a wonderful symbol of the new dawn that awaits us by detaching from our ego and fears and following what beckons within.


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