To Be a Victim or a Magician

Major Arcana

Waite-Smith Deck - Major Arcana 1, 8 and 15

The Gift of Free Will. The Gift of intelligence. The Gift of thinking. The Gift of speech. To be able to communicate in so many ways. To learn. The wonder of being able to be or do whatever we set our mind to.  The opportunities we can grasp, the ones we can make are endless.


Waite-Smith Deck - The Magician

We have the ability to make decisions. We can learn as much or as little as we choose, about absolutely anything we choose. We are able to communicate with others through speech, signs, imagery, symbols, tone and the written word. Our brain, our mind – such an amazing indescribable wonder. Without it, we would be pretty well useless.

With all of these amazing gifts, we are provided free will to create our life. Many of us plan and action these plans. Many of us wander aimlessly through. Some of us are lost. Others abuse their gifts. In the way we view and appreciate what we have we all differ enormously.

There are two things that bind us all together. Life, and death. These two common bonds that all sentient beings on this earth share, are the only certainties we can be sure of. Neither are controlled by us.

All we have is this moment. We can think of the past, and dream of the future. The past may be coloured with our perception. The future changed in the blink of an eye.

Life is a constant variable. Nothing ever remains the same. Even if it just ages. Our good fortune can come hurtling to the ground. Our desolation can be lifted in a moment. Such is the nature of living.

As humans we have a desperate need to control. A need for stability and permanence. One of the harshest yet liberating lessons we can learn is that nothing on earth is permanent. Not you, nor I. Not wealth, status, power. The same applies for sadness, hunger and pain.

Each of us have a certain amount of power that is ours alone. An ability to exercise what we perceive as a certain level of control over our lives.

Many of us live life unaware of this power. We live our years of existence in the mentality and experiences of the victim.
The powerless, helpless, sorry victim.

Victims of our childhood, pressure, materialiasm, religion, jobs, partners, abuse, circumstance. It is true that things happen every day that inflict some form of injury. And being a victim is a very real situation.

The fact of the matter is we can be a victim for a moment, learn from it and grow, or we can dwell in it and wallow in our situation and stagnate.

When we hold on to this victim status, it takes from our very power to be the creators of our own wonderful path. It takes the sense of control away.

To overcome being always of the victim mindset takes great strength.


Waite-Smith Deck - Strength

The strength required is the kind of strength from deep within. It takes work. We must face the parts of ourselves that thrive and feed off the victim.

Instead of trying to tame and be as one with our inner beast – you know – the less desirable aspects of ourselves such as poor me, need, attention seeking, self pity, unfairness, if only;  we feed it and it keeps us feeling powerless and a victim.

Look at it, straight in the face and search a little to find out how we can quiet it, calm it and change its figurative diet.
Look at ways to overpower it so that you are the master, not the other way around.

Ask the hard questions. Why is it so hungry for our power? What are we afraid of if we lose the victim state of our being? What would be the worst thing that could happen if we finally let go of the need to be the victim in life? What would be so wrong with overcoming the past wrongs and hurts? What do I get fulfilled by this victim status?

These types of questions though confronting, are the types we need to have the strength to ask of ourselves.
Escaping takes effort. This is true. The rewards outweigh this by far.

If we choose to remain attached to our victim of life status, we become not a powerful individual, but a slave, chained to our perceptions.


Waite-Smith Deck - The Devil

What kind of power do we have then?
At any time we can break free and begin to use our personal power, our logic, hearts and determination to start breaking free from our attachment to the victim mentality that keeps us chained from thriving.

It is not easy. It involves bringing to the surface much. It involves forgiveness, acceptance and self love.

The result will be most definitely worth it. You will be not only wiser, but a survivor.


2 thoughts on “To Be a Victim or a Magician

  1. Thanks for liking my post on my blog! I followed your link back here and was delighted to find this post. This really encapsulates much of the process of the tarot and other similar tools doesn’t it? The path of the Heroic Journey. It also is a great example of how the tarot, self-work and things like Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now all blend together into a very clear message. Thanks so much for the post. Well written and excellent perspective!


    1. Hello! You are welcome. 🙂 thank you for your words and taking the time to read. Yes, I agree whole heartedly. I find that all these insightful writers such as Eckhart, the Dalai Lama and even Deepak Chopra all have a very similar message. Tarot links beautifully with it, as it does with so much. I look forward to connecting more with you through our common bond! Tess x


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