The Tower – A daily draw

Major Arcana, Tarot Thoughts

Drawing a daily card focusing on how to be peaceful and pulling up the Tower! Talk about a contradictory pair.


Sharman-Caselli - The Tower

You know, we can wallow in the rubble, and keep picking up pieces of debris and feeling the shock over and over. It becomes habit and familiar.

We can go back to the instability before the destruction and think about it over and over and tell ourselves if only, if only.

We know it is unclean to spend lots of time sifting through waste. It can Harbour germs and vermin that make us ill.

The destruction scene is not beautiful. The events around it are not nice. Why remain there?

Get away from it. It is not a good place. That’s why it fell. You know this! You are intelligent and you are growing day by day.

How can you have Peace today? Pack your bag with the lessons and don’t keep visiting the site of ruin.

What’s done is done, it cannot be undone.
It fell for a reason! Remember that!

We may be becoming aware of what is real and what is not in our search for spiritual fulfillment. Sometimes when we shed or discard the things that only serve to hold us in fickle, shallow grips, it can feel like we are losing a monumental part of what we have always known. This is a loss. But it is a loss that paves the way for something stronger, more beautiful and solid in it’s place. We must focus on that!

Instead of dwelling on the pain and loss caused by the Tower collapsing, the message is pointing towards meditating on the realities of the collapse. The gains to be had, and the thought that we are not being punished – we are being saved from a lifetime of misery. Beautiful real and stable foundations do not crumble under the pressure of the storm in the tower. Just remember that. Peacefulness surely comes from acceptance first, and knowing our blessings.


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