Love Begins – The 3 of Swords

Minor Arcana - Major Thoughts, The Pondering Chair

Wizard's Tarot- 3 of Swords

At the end of it, we are left alone with the ghosts of the past whispering sorrows in the shadows of the hallways of our minds.

No plea to be loved from the outside world, no plea for relief through the windows of our soul can ease the pain.

These are our shadows, our ghosts carried with us for a lifetime if we choose. The lone state is unavoidably part of being an individual.

The silence we long for can only be brought to us from within these hallways and rooms of our mind by discovering the connecting stair case to our spirit of self love.

No human can quiet or fill the noises or empty voids we carry. To shine light on our shadows and ghosts we must hold the candle alone.

If we search a thousand years, tirelessly across the earth in every pocket and ocean for the magic love to ease our pain, we will come up empty handed.

For all along, the magic love lies within us. All along we held the answer to silence the whispers, exorcise the ghosts and shed light on the shadows.

Let your tears fall. Let them cleanse the windows to your soul. Pick yourself up and begin searching again. Not without, but within.


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