The 4 of Cups and Regressing on our Path

Minor Arcana - Major Thoughts, Tarot Thoughts

Gilded Tarot Royale - 4 of Cups

There are days when it is easy to forget to honour life and love. Especially when we begin the journey to adjust from being ego driven to completeness.

Each day it is important whilst learning to adjust our thinking from ego based to regroup and focus on our reality of living in the present and being happy and content for the amazing miracle each of us are .

It is a constant process to keep our ego styled thoughts in proportion to our reality.
How easily we slip back into old habits – without realising it.

If we are so determined to make changes and find our centre and true self, in order to become whole and fulfilled in this life – why do we so easily regress? A lifetime of conditioning doesn’t help. Still finding our place and learning self acceptance, true forgiveness and love takes time.

The frustration of this can cause us to say ‘what’s the point, I might as well accept I’m destined to be unhappy and a slave to my ego and pain’ .

This is when we must really work at bringing home our determination. This is where we must see we are making a difference. Our ego and pain are fighting back hard to stay on top. This is the time we must be more determined to defeat that self defeating attitude. Our false self knows we are becoming aware of its existence. We are meant to live as our source intended.


Gilded Tarot Royale - 7 of Wands

When we feel like giving up is when we must harness all our strength and determination to follow our path to becoming complete.

Feel the sensation of being aware of the backlash from ego rise up in your belly. Realise that out of love and self care you seek freedom from the claws of our false self that revels in pain, victimisation and misery – woe is me – the familiar. The perpetual cycle of dwelling on the mistakes, the grievances, the flaws and the shortcomings. The identity we attached to ourselves that masked our true self.

Focus on stepping back for a minute and looking at why you started this journey. Breathe deep, be silent, let your heart speak to you. Be still. Listen through all the egos little false ideas about you and who you are. Listen through all the pain and sadness that has been before. Take from it the lessons. Reflect on how the old way of thinking impacted our life.

Now hold in your head, heart and hand the inner knowing that this journey is one that cannot be instant. If it were instant it would not be a journey. It is challenging – not because it’s long, or deep. It strips bare all we have known. It strips all back to the essences of pure being. An earthly being with beauty inside us and around us. Recall that we are not our success or failures. We are not someone else’s reflection or piece of clay to be moulded, nor is our value based on the perception we think others have. Peace does not come from others.

It is not airy fairy nonsense. It is truth. Look up at the sky – down at the grass. Listen to the wind – feel it through your hair. Marvel at our hand, the way it moves and works. The way it differentiates texture, temperature, weight. Amazingly beautiful. It seems to magically work for us through control from our inner workings!  This is part of who we are as individual amazing creations. This earthly being who matters and is complete, whether ego thinks so or not.

That is what we all are underneath the  thick dirty layers of conditioning. A Complete pure being. With no reasoning, no excuses. No shell. An earth creature that is pure and whole – beyond all the labels and acceptable social standards. Just being. These are the things we must remind ourselves when we slip back into old patterns.

Be kind to yourself. Show compassion. Acknowledging that struggles are there, and accept this is part of the journey too.

Even if it takes a while to sink in, remember that days like this will come. But more importantly they will go. What matters is that we stay on track. Let the feelings come. Do not hold on to them! I always remember one of my favorite sayings of all on days like this ….



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