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I’ve been looking deeply at many things lately, including the Law of Attraction. Ive read countless email sales pitches from people promising to provide me with the secret key to unlocking what I need to manifest abundance – for a fee.

I have no issue paying for services, but was not compelled to purchase any of these offers. This big ‘secret’ cannot be so elusive that I must pay someone to tell me what we all know down in our essence.

As usually happens, lots of little things fell in front of me to guide me on my way. 4 seperate books totally unrelated pointed at this universal law. My cards when providing guidance on the subject provided more insight. Other esoteric studies I am working on crossed into the theme.

What we send out, we receive back. Eckhart Tolle says “outflow determines inflow”.  So, what we think of ourselves, deep down, in the depths of our unconscious, this is the message we send out to the universe. That vibration thing we hear of. The universe, or what ever you personally choose to call it, listens, picks up our vibrations, and returns them to us. Again, and again and again. And so it goes, like a perpetual game of ping pong.

I have been guilty very much throughout my life of feeling very small. Having an unconscious belief that I have nothing of value to offer. Not understanding or even being aware of this universal law, I could not understand how life was so hard always. My vibration at times was very low, very heavy. I was very weighed down with this mentality of not seeing the beauty around me, or inside me. Not feeling grateful. And it reflected back to me time and time again. The more of our outflow that returns to us, the more despondent we can become. And then we begin to question the purpose of life at all. Once we begin to question, generally that is when we start searching for answers!

If this universal law of outflow determining inflow is proven by the despondent feelings and lack in our lives, then a-ha! Flip the coin. Naturally it will be the same if our outflow was abundantly grateful, giving and we saw ourselves as having so much to offer. This is where we look to raise the vibration we send out. It is so true that the source of abundance is inside us, but sometimes to begin to discover this we need to look outside us first. Simplicity – a snowflake, a fluffy cloud, the laughter of children, your dog looking at you with that silly sideways head tilt – it touches something within and you realise all at once how blessed you truly are. You begin to see how much you already have, how much you have to share. Gratitude begins to flow through you, perhaps it starts small, or perhaps it is a huge wave.

All of a sudden you are motivated to give. Giving is many different things. Your vibration is raised. What you are sending out to the universe is different now. This is something we need to practice constantly. Stop. Be in the moment. Step back from the “big picture” and just breathe in the air, listen to the sounds around you, notice the little things you take for granted every single day. Remember always “outflow determines inflow”. Watch and see how things alter by adjusting your perspective.


Justice teaches us that what we send out, we receive recompense accordingly. Step back and see how much you truly have. I bet it’s more than you think.

11 is a high vibration number, 6 has a very balanced vibration. Justice and the 6 of Pentacles being drawn for this part of the journey was wonderful. After the isolation and lonely feeling of lack in the 5 of Pentacles, Justice shows the way to becoming balanced and at peace. It was perfect for amplifying the Universal Law of karma, which in essence is really what is at the heart of outflow and inflow. I noticed too that 5 and 6 equals 11… I wonder if this is noteworthy.. 😉
Notice that the focus is on giving! Not just material of course. But I will leave that up to you how you determine what is worth giving.

So, in essence what we put out, we get back – our attitude, thoughts, beliefs, actions, words. Behind all our actions is a thought. That saying “change your thinking to change your life” might actually ring true!






One of the Universal Laws

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