The 5 of Pentacles from a Different Angle

Tarot Thoughts

Have you ever noticed the similarities between the 5 of Cups and the 5 of Pentacles? Apart from belonging to our feminine receptive and passive side of our nature, the figures in both cards are so focused on their troubles they fail to look behind them?


5 of Pentacles - Wizard's Tarot

I drew the 5 of Pentacles in a reading, and noticed deeply the warmth and sanctuary radiating from the spiritual structure behind the two figures in this particular deck. It prompted me to consider the figure in the 5 of cups who is so lost in his feelings of upset he fails to see what hope is behind him.
But then I thought perhaps they know in this instance exactly what is behind them.

The Sanctuary available in this Pentacles image is beautiful. It prompted further thought. I started asking myself questions, not wholly related to my reading mind you, about feeling like an outcast. In this train of thought the figures are not alone, they are a pair. These 2 don’t look injured or poorly. They appear to be out in the cold for a reason. Who is the companion?

Lately I’ve felt very detached from people. I have avoided spending time with my extended family, socialising and being jolly. I’ve placed myself in a self imposed exile from the warmth of the ‘safety’ of family. It feels so fake to me. I don’t fit in. I’m not the same as them in any way, nothing in common really. I have different values and focus.

This reminds me on deeper contemplation of leaving the symbolic church. It offers warmth and companionship, but the faith is no longer in my heart. I have ventured out in the cold to find my own truth.

Of course this is all symbolic, and it is not an easy journey. I wonder if the image is a stark reminder that one doesn’t need to be totally out in the cold so to speak in order to find their own path. But of course many other factors come into play.

There is much behind these thoughts and reasons. Particularly the interesting aspect that now moving on from the 5 of Cups in my travels I’ve stepped sideways to the 5 of Pentacles.Don’t you just adore how the cards bring so much up to the surface? Lots to look at and work on here for sure!


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