The Big Boulder Part 2

tarot spreads


I designed a spread specifically for this issue to gain more insight into the task of moving around this boulder. All stemming from my meditation on the 5 of Cups.
This spread is for those times when no matter what we do, we cannot budge the big boulder blocking our path. This boulder encompasses all the pain, regret, sorrow, guilt, sadness etc we punish ourselves with by going over and over.
In order to move on over the ‘bridge’ and onto a wholesome fulfilling life we must learn acceptance by acknowledging what is. This spread is designed to enable our client or self to look a bit deeper and pick apart the issue and harness the universal guidance to move around our blocks. The first step is wanting to. Then we pick apart the whats and whys and see what we come up with. There are no quick fixes in life. They are band aid solutions.
All tarot spreads are adaptable and open for personal modification to suit specific client/personal needs.


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