Pondering The Night


Wizard's Tarot

Late last night I was sitting on
my back verandah in my pondering chair. Do you ever get to the point where you just wish your thoughts would switch off for a while? I often wish this. I suppose being so isolated and living the Hermit style life has made me quite a serious person in many ways. My thoughts are always so random but lead me to interesting ideas. To counteract this Ive taken up playing lego with my girls. Its quite therapeutic actually. But back to my pondering last night. It was quite a bright night, lots of stars and a fairly strong breeze. There is something about the wind that always gives me a feeling of empowerment. I love it. I love the wind. Anyway, there was a silhouette of my water tank which stands on a platform about 12 feet off the ground, and adjacent to that is a beautiful old leafy gum tree. The silhouette in the distorted light of the night was lovely. It was just me, the night and the odd stirring of life.
I basked in the peace and temporary illusion of peace for a good 20 minutes and let my mind soak up the beauty of the sky, the sound of the rustling leaves and the feel of the breeze.
Now it is day time and Im looking at the same view. How different it is. There is no sense of wonder or mystery. The breeze is still blowing and now birds are chirping. There’s flies buzzing around and the reality of my backyard looks a bit untidy.
Have you noticed how our emotions are much more intense at night. We seem to be more irrational and overwhelmed by our feelings. Tears flow more at night time too. And sometimes we feel frightened in the dark of night. Our anxieties and worries kick in to over drive. We finally drift off to sleep.

Morning – day time, things are clearer. What was so overwhelming is now more manageable. Our tears have left us tired and bleary eyed. But there is a new light to see better. It’s interesting how that works isn’t it?
What about the decisions we make late at night? Have you ever made a decision late at night based on the feelings and thoughts that come with the darkness of the evening? Experience has taught me that these decisions are often better made in the sunlight.
These ideas may or may not prompt some thought in you on The Moon and The Sun tarot card.
Just some random thoughts 🙂



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