The Outcome.. is it all that matters?

Tarot Thoughts


One sure thing in life is that the only certainties are that we are born and that we die. An oldie, but a goodie. Tarot can predict almost anything. But I feel the problem with prediction is that nothing is set in stone and some people are so focused on that outcome they miss things that could be better or different, or they sabotage by trying to control things to get THAT outcome.

Sure, sometimes, actually, a lot of the time, the predictions come to pass. But say for example, you find out that life is what YOU make it, and the journey is the beautiful fulfilling part, and it is not all about the outcome? I do not believe predicting the future is the true gift of tarot. Of course I believe certain things are meant to happen and will, but we can use the Tarot to guide us in how to handle situations.

We are so determined to have everything controlled and perfect. The trouble with this is the more we try to control that perfection, and get that happy ever after, the more disappointed and frustrated we become.

Tarot is a gift to help us gain clarity and direction. It is a way to tap into our higher selves and find out exactly what we need to know to enrich, improve and understand our journey through this life. There are very few guarantees in life, as you know. Being equipped to handle the ups and downs, knowing our strengths and weaknesses is one way that the Tarot can provide immense benefit to our life. By asking for guidance on how to cope in a trying situation for example, or where to focus, what are we truly feeling or wanting, is a far better way to converse with the universe than simply asking what will be the end result.

Our actions shape our life. By understanding what motivates us, and by understanding our true intentions, learning our real strengths and our real weakness is indeed a wonderful thing.

This, I believe, is a far greater gift than simply knowing the outcome. If we constantly focus on the end result, we are going to miss some amazing experiences and valuable life lessons along the way.

Until we are willing to look at what we, as individuals are doing and what we need to do. Until we are willing to look past the outcome and see deep within ourselves and be able to find happiness in the now, and make positive changes, and learn what lessons we are meant to learn, are we missing out on the value and meaning available to us?

For a truly enriching tarot experience in which we can get the most from our source, we need to get deep into the depths of our hidden selves to find those answers that equip us with the courage and strength to live our lives fully and honestly, to the best of our ability, regardless of the outcome.

On my personal Tarot journey, I have learnt to view the gift of tarot as more than just a peek into the future.. Of course there are times when asking for a prediction makes absolutely perfect sense. By and large though, I have found that to truly get the most out of this beautiful gift, the most enriching
and rewarding experiences come from guidance that shows us how we can shine from within.


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