The Knight of Swords has paid me a visit!


This evening I asked my Tarot Illuminati deck what card was next in my journey.  My face screwed up as forceful Knight of Swords charged into my face. ugh… A Court Card I thought. And that is probably why the universe flipped him at me! Stop avoiding getting to know these glorious individuals intimately Miss Tess!  So I sat and looked at him. He is quite appealing really.  All charged up ready for whatever quest he is on. The only downside I suppose is that no sooner has he arrived to turn my world upside down, he’s gone. .. ! So my journey through the tarot is now to spend a little while with the Knight of Swords,  or the Prince of Swords. Just thinking about him I feel a little wound up like there is a lot of action and energy around me.


Tarot Illuminati by Erik C Dunne

This man is on a mission.   He is here just to shake things up. He moves very swiftly.  I sometimes see this Knight as one who will passionately fight for a cause, but drop it without hesitation.  As a person he can be very headstrong and impulsive. Loyal and will stand up for those he believes are in need defending. He is a bit of a whirlwind actually. It will be interesting to see what I can discover about this card and why it is important right now 🙂


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