The Hierophant

Major Arcana

The teacher.  Taking us on our spiritual quest.  We are meeting up with The Hierophant to learn. He will teach us the ways of our ancestors. He will guide us in the right way. He stands by his convictions and is proud of his tradition.  He is here to share his wise counsel with us. He will happily provide us with the tools we need to find the answers to the secrets of the universe, and mentor us on our quest.

The Hierophant demonstrates the importance of structure. Of hierarchy and order. In certain aspects of life, we need this. Every person has a role, a duty, a responsibility.  Teamwork to get the job done. Rules and procedures for the greater good.

The Hierophant is someone who can provide us with knowledge and guidance…We ask.  He answers! Without knowledge, we are powerless. Seek out the help needed to learn,  to grow, to move forward spiritually.

The Tarot is multi faceted.  There are other perspectives for The Hierophant. He can represent a large institution. He can represent marriage or a traditional relationship.  Conforming. The many different images we are lucky to have access to represent many different depictions of the Hierophant.  In time more information will be added for him,  along with different images.


by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. Published by Magic Realist Press


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